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We are here to help and advise potential beneficiaries approached by heir hunters and steer them away from rogue traders.

Probate Research companies wishing to legitimise their businesses may join the HHA once certain standards have been met.

The HHA is under new ownership as of 2020 and we have improved standards and enhanced membership criteria. We will be reviewing existing  membership as part of this process. Please contact us for more information and to (re)apply for membership to the HHA.

Every year millions of people die worldwide without making a will (called dying intestate) often leaving substantial cash and property estates which, if not claimed goes to the state.

Unlike traditional genealogy which traces family lines into the distant past Heir Tracing is seeking living descendant relatives who often have lost touch with their distant kin and in most cases have no idea of their family link.

In many cases there is no obvious heir who will inherit the estate under the rules of intestacy, so clearly there is a need to trace and tell the family members they are in for a windfall. Not only does this news come as a pleasant financial surprise but also unlocks family history and knowledge which proves valuable and interesting to many beneficiaries.

Made popular by the BBC’s Heir Hunters program estate beneficiaries are located by probate researchers, or more commonly known after the name “Heir Hunters”.

Our Mission

The HHA has been set up to help protect the public from rogue traders and to steer aspiring heir hunters towards legitimate business operations

Heir Hunting is unregulated and approaches should be treated with caution.

There is one credible association for Probate Research Companies – the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists & Heir Hunters www.IAPPR.org

Beneficiaries who have been approached by Heir Hunters may be confused over their rights and the risks involved especially in view of fraudulent emails circulating worldwide.

The general public may wish to seek out potential unclaimed estates in case they are related to the deceased. Some estates remain unclaimed for many years, many eventually are paid over to the state under intestacy laws.

Most advertised estates in the UK are worth very little, usually around £500. Beware of spending more time and money on a case than you may inherit!

You can obtain free impartial advice and search all current unclaimed estates at https://www.bonavacantialist.co.uk

Plus the HHA provides ongoing support, knowledge and contacts.

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