Codes of Conduct & Ethics

Code of Conduct for HHA Members

HHA Members, their Staff and Representatives and Individual Members, must adhere to our Standards & Ethics Codes.

1. Behave with sensitivity and integrity whilst dealing with the public.
2. Act honestly and within the law.
3. Ensure special care is taken with potentially vulnerable clients. Proper assessment should be made to check whether a client has capacity if there is any doubt.
4. Treat respectfully, courteously and regardless of Gender, Race, Age, Creed or sexual orientation all Beneficiaries, Clients, Third Parties and Representatives.
5. Ensure the highest level of customer service at all times when dealing with their clients, representatives, suppliers, members of the public and any other organisation in their day to day business.
6. Operate an Open and Transparent culture both within the organisation and with clients.
7. Charges and Fee Structures will be clear from the outset.
8. Reports and communications will be presented in a clear and concise fashion.
9. Members will act in a supportive manner to staff, clients and their representatives.
10.  Members or their staff will not use information for personal gain and where there is conflict of Interest this will always be communicated.
11. Ensure Staff are trained and educated in the HHA’s Codes of Conduct and Standards
12. Any breach of this code by member companies or individual willbe reported to the HHA.

Professional Standards Policy

The HHA’s Professional standards are a set of practices and behaviours that our members of must adhere to. These sets of standards are set in the best interests of International Probate Research industry.

  • Accountability – The member organisation and any staff take responsibility for their actions.
  • Confidentiality – The member organisation and any staff keep all sensitive information private and away from those who shouldn’t have access to it and demonstrated compliance with GDPR.
  • Fiduciary duty – The member organisation and any staff place the needs of clients before their own.
  • Honesty – The member organisation and any staff are always truthful
  • Integrity – The member organisation and any staff demonstrated and uphold strong moral principles
  • Law-abiding – The member organisation and any staff follow all governing laws in the jurisdictions they perform activities.
  • Loyalty – The member organisation and any staff remain committed to their profession and uphold its values at all times.
  • Objectivity – The member organisation and any staff are not swayed or influenced by biases
  • Transparency – The member organisation and any staff reveal all relevant information in a clear and concise fashion and are not concealing anything.